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December 21, 2012
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Prize for K8tly1n!
Warning for language.

“Oi, _____! Hurry up, dammit! We’re going to be late!” Matthew Williams stood outside, pounding on the front door. You opened your bedroom window. “Chill, will you? I’m gonna be a few minutes. You can leave without me if you want.” He quit abusing the door to cross his arms. “No thanks. I’ll wait.”

“That’s what I thought.” You shut the window and continued getting ready. After a minute Matthew started knocking again. Grabbing your things and half falling down the stairs, you landed surprisingly well in the living room. “Grandma! I’m going to school now.” “Your lunch is by the door. Have a good day, dear,” she called back from wherever she was. You had been living with your grandmother for a year now, your father being long dead and your mother rather abusive. But seeing as your grandma was the awesome kind, you didn’t mind at all.

Matthew huffed and tapped his foot impatiently. For being such an orderly person, you really had no sense of timing. It didn’t really bug him since he skipped school whenever he felt like it, but you were his best friend and he didn’t want you to be late. “_____! If you don’t hurry up, I’ll-!” The door flew open and you tumbled out. “Sorry, Matt!” He pushed his sunglasses up. “Took you long enough.” You giggled. “Yeah well the dog wouldn’t leave me alone and I kinda accidentally slept in and I didn’t have breakfast set out like normal and-” “Shut up and walk.” “Yes sir!”

First period passed with most of the normal boringness of a regular school day. The teacher droned on and on about whatever period of history you were studying. As you doodled distractedly on you notes (which you’ve been keeping up with because you’re a good student, right?), Francis Bonnefoy, who sat in front of you, turned around and leaned on your desk. “So, _____,” he purred, “what are you doing tonight?” You poked at his arm with your pencil in boredom. “Not going anywhere with you, if that’s what you’re asking. Besides, I’m visiting with family tonight,” you added, suddenly remembering that your mom was stopping by later. “But I really don’t want to…” “All the more reason for you to hang with me and my friends~.” A crunched up paper ball suddenly sailed over your head and hit Francis directly on the forehead. Glancing back, you saw Matthew glaring at the Frenchman and you couldn’t help but giggle inwardly.

“What the hell was that?” Matthew demanded as the two of you shoved through the crowded hallway to second period. “How should I know? I never asked to sit behind Francis, and I certainly never asked for him to turn around and talk to me!” Your friend crossed his arms. “Good. ‘Cause I don’t like that bastard.” “I know, Mattie,” you said, patting his head. He growled and pushed your hand away. “Don’t do that.” “But I can’t help it. Your hair is so… so… fabulous!” You continued to pat his head until he ducked out of your reach. “_____, I said don’t, dammit! Now move or you’ll be late. Again.” “Shut up!”

The rest of the day passed just about normally. You and Matthew paired up for the lab in science, he beat your butt in P.E., went your separate ways for language and elective, then it was your turn to beat his butt in math and literature. By the end of the school day however, you were anxiously chewing on your lip about your mom visiting later that night. “_____, you need to chill out,” Matthew commented as he leaned against the locker next to yours. You impatiently shoved some unneeded books away. “You don’t know my mom. I haven’t seen her in a year, and last time I did, she was really abusive.” He pushed his sunglasses up. “So what? She’s been getting help, according to you. And it’s not like you’re leaving, right?”

Shutting the locker, you pulled your backpack over your shoulder. “Whatever. But you shouldn’t walk home with me today. She’s probably already there, and she hates it when I hang around guys.” You paused as Francis walked by, with Antonio patting his shoulder and Gilbert mocking him for the red welt that was still present on his forehead. Matthew ignored the three. “Don’t worry. No bitch’s gonna scare me off.” “Fine have it your way,” you sighed, then added under your breath, “but it’s not you I’m worried about.” The two of you left the high school and headed toward your grandmother’s house.

Just as expected, your mother’s car was parked in the driveway. Huh, I didn’t know she’s allowed to drive again… You stopped at the mailbox. “You’d better go home, Matt. I know my grandma doesn’t mind you hanging out around the house, but Mom is a whole different story. I think she got all paranoid after my father died…” “Big deal. Woman can deal with her own damn problems. I’m coming inside.” And with that, Matthew pushed the protesting you inside. “Seriously, I don’t think this is a good idea… Just go home and I’ll see you tomo-” “Shut up.”

Matthew only stopped controlling your movements once you both reached the kitchen. Your mother was sitting with your grandmother at the table. “Um… H-hi Mom…” She looked up and appeared to completely ignore you. “Who is that?” she asked, glaring at Matthew. He glared back through his sunglasses, which he had put on before coming inside, so she didn’t notice. Your grandmother smiled. “This is Matthew Williams.” He nodded curtly. “He’s a nice boy who lives two streets down. He and _____ have become quite close.” Too far, Grandma.

The chair clattered to the floor as your mom flew up. “He what?! Get out of this house!” Your grandmother stood up as well. “Now (mother’s name), it’s quite alright. Let’s not forget that this is my house, and I think _____ has the right to have friends over as long as they mind their manners. Matthew’s done just that. The boy and your daughter help each other with homework and I think-” “You mean a male has been in her room.” Your mother looked like a lion preparing for slaughter. Or more like a serial killer who just discovered her next victim. That’s probably more accurate. “Mom,” you started, but she shoved straight past you. Matthew sized her up as she glowered in front of him. He had the advantage of height and gender if things got physical, but you knew from experience your mom could be wicked violent. “Alright kid. You have three seconds to get out of this house.” “Beg your pardon, ma’am,” your friend replied in clipped tones, “but _____ is my best damn friend and I’m not about to leave because some screw up of a parent doesn’t like me.”

You couldn’t believe your ears. Apparently neither could your mom. Taking advantage of her enraged shock, you shoved between the two and pushed Matthew toward the door. “I really think you should leave!” you hissed. Suddenly, something smacked you in the back of the head. The breath left you as the object shattered and you stumbled. The vase aimed at Matthew had hit you instead. She really had no idea you were present. “_____! Dammit, are you alright?” Matthew growled, refusing to leave. With a final show of remaining strength, you shoved him out the front door and locked it behind him. “I’m fine! But you really need to go so I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Matthew stood of the doorstep and listened to the chaos that ensued inside. He could recognize the sound of you and your mother yelling at each other, with the occasional input from your grandmother. There was another crashing noise. He clenched his fists and forced himself to walk home. I hope you have everything under control, _____. Just be okay.

The next day Matthew couldn’t find you at school. You were definitely not the type to skip school without a good reason. Something was wrong, and he was determined to find out what, even if it meant beating up your mom to protect you. “Dude, you skipping class again?” Matthew glared at Alfred as he passed him in the schoolyard. “I would assume you’re doing the same thing, Four-eyes, as you’re just sitting there on your fat ass.” Alfred laughed. “Chill out dude. I was just asking a question. I’m not gonna turn you in or anything. Besides, I’m meditating.” Matthew just shot the dirty blond a look and kept walking.

Your house was dead silent. Normally there was a cheery light in at least one window, but now it was shut up, and there wasn’t even a car in the driveway. All sorts of terrible thoughts began to fill Matthew’s mind. He had to fight to keep his cool, and finally decided to wait until there was a sign of life. Calling you seemed to be a bad idea, because you’d know he wasn’t in class and he knew you hated him skipping. Nimbly scaling the old maple tree in the front yard, Matthew hid himself and settled down to wait.

Eleven rolled around, and not a single car had stopped by the house. A dog barked somewhere nearby. Only a few houses still had lights on, and the night became peaceful as the dog quite barking. The nearby city noises could be heard in the quiet. Suddenly the quiet was broken. “Woof!” Matthew snapped out of his doze and nearly fell out of the tree. Kuma sat at the base of the maple, wagging his tail proudly. “What the hell, boy. I thought I told you to stay home today.” While scolding his wolf, Matthew noticed a light in your window, that had actually been on for a couple of hours. “Huh. _____ must be home alone. Why the hell is she still up.” He jumped out of the tree and proceeded to toss a rock at your window, Kuma at his heels.

The curtains moved a bit and your face appeared for a second before disappearing again. A minute later Matthew heard a small click as the front door unlocked. It didn’t open, but he knew the noise as an invitation to come inside. He entered the house and re-locked the door behind him. “_____?” “Kitchen,” came the reply. Matthew discovered you sitting at the table with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. He sat down next to you. “You know it’s spring right.” “Shut up.” Well at least you were acting normal. After a long pause, you broke the silence. “I love cocoa. The season doesn’t matter. Hell, I even drink it in summer.” Cheerfully, you stood up and dealt with the empty mug.

Seeing your mood improve, Matthew decided now was a good time for questioning. “Why weren’t you at school today?” “I could ask you the same question.” Touch. You must have seen him hanging around the house instead of attending sixth period. “Anyway, I didn’t feel like it.” Matthew didn’t push any further. “Oh hey, _____. I’m sorry for speaking to your mom like that.” You laughed. “Don’t be. It was pretty funny seeing that look on her face. I don’t think anyone’s stood up to her before.” He followed you into the living room. “You sure?” “Of course Mattie. But did you mean what you said?”

“What do you mean?” Matthew blinked. You sat on the couch and wrapped up in a blanket. “About me being your best friend.” He sat next to you again. “Well yeah. Why the hell wouldn’t I? You’re practically my only friend.” “Aww, Mattie!” You flung your arms around his neck. He blushed slightly and hugged back. Closing your eyes, you quietly cuddled your best friend, with Kuma warming your feet. “Stay my friend forever?” “Mhmm. Now go the fuck to sleep. It’s late.” “Yes sir~.”
:iconsawbplz: I'm so sorry for the wait! This is the prize for ~K8tly1n for winning my contest here: [link]
I hope I managed to capture the basis of what you asked for, and I hope you like it!
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconchibis-go-rawr:
You (c) You! (oh really)
Once again, I apologize for the wait! Blame writer's block :dummy:
Comments appreciated!
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